Electro less nickel is a nickel – phosphorous alloy deposited by a chemical reaction from hypo phosphate on a catalytic substrate without the application of external current .since there is no applied current during deposition, electroless nickel deposits are free from the common non uniformity of traditional electrolytic deposits and can cover even extremely complex geometrics with excellent uniformity.

Hence it’s a unique coating that does not require an external source of electrons for deposition as in electrolytic plating.

Any portion of a part that is equally whetted by the electro less nickel solution will plate uniformly including blind holes and the inner diameters of tubing or fittings.

The code posited phosphorous in the deposit increases lubricity over.
Nickel plating. In addition a post plate baking at certain temperatures can transition Electro less nickel deposits and also increasing the hardness.

Medium phosphorous electroless nickel (6-9% P, type IV): semi-bright to bright appearance, magnetic, good solder ability and moderate corrosion resistance. Rc58-62 (as plated), 66-70 (with heat treatment).

Under plating with copper plating or electrolytic nickel plating is available to provide multi-layer duplex systems to enhance corrosion performance.